Thursday, July 5, 2012

Best Deals Located in the Back of Stores

How do I find such great deals on clothes? I go to the back!

Stores lure you in with elaborate window displays. The priciest things are up front. Wear your blinders! Don't even pay attention to the pink dress on display. Don't "look around" until you're safely in the sale section.

This tip will save you so much money and it takes little effort. Go to the mall. Search out the clearance signs in the back of the store (sometimes tucked away in a lovely corner). Don't be afraid! Search through the racks of clothes for your precious gem. A new dress awaits - marked down 30% or more! If your favorite store doesn't have clearance one week, they might next week! You have an excuse to go shopping now.

Rue21, Wet Seal and The Body Shop are three examples of mall stores in my area that you can find deals in. Explore your local mall and see what you can find.

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