Friday, July 6, 2012

I Love Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a great creation. Everything is a dollar! No price checking. No $1.19 items. No. It's all a dollar! (Except the baking soda and a few canned goods and candy bars...those are less.)

Yesterday I came across a 4-pack of iced coffee mix. Directions said "mix with water". Hmm...4 iced cups of coffee for a dollar? I wasn't so sure. I love Dollar Tree, but I doubt their quality at times. I thought, "Hey, it's just a dollar! What do I have to lose? And maybe I'll hit the iced coffee jackpot..." So I made my purchase and this morning I tried it. IT WAS DELICIOUS. No, not kidding. I mixed mine with ice and water and it tasted amazing. (The picture to the right is actual coffee I bought.) Buy this stuff. Seriously. Take chances. :)

That's right - only 25 cents for an amazing cup of iced coffee.  So what else does Dollar Tree offer, you may ask?


Dish soap is a great buy. You can get Palmolive or Ajax for a dollar (just skip over that nasty Sun stuff). Lately they have had different size bottles so be sure to examine the sizes to get the best deal.

Toothpaste - name brand! Be sure to examine the sizes once again.

Always check the deodorant and shampoo/conditioner isle. I have found name brand products there before. I stocked up on Dove deodorant and Loreal conditioner a few months ago.

They have huge bags of french fries in the freezer section! They taste great (after all, it's just frozen potatoes! Don't buy name brand).

Coloring books for the kids. Can't seem to find any coloring books anywhere else for less!

And....sunglasses. Yes, for real. If you're anything like me and break or lose sunglasses like crazy, Dollar Tree definitely has some fashionable options. Why invest $14.99 or more in a pair of sunglasses?  Silliness. They have men's, women's and children's sunglasses. They aren't the most durable, but I think they're a great buy.


- Always compare sizes.
- Know the general prices of the items you usually buy. Some items aren't cheaper....*cough cough* canned foods.
- Look around! There ARE name brands mixed in and Dollar Tree gets new products in all the time...but the name brand items go fast. Stock up if it's a good deal (AKA if you ever see Dove deodorant...stock up!)
- Check expiration dates.
- Inspect items before you buy!

I am in no way paid or compensated to endorse Dollar Tree. I just love them - it's true! 

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