Saturday, July 7, 2012

Forever 21 Sunglasses

I lose sunglasses. Like crazy. And the ones I don't lose, I break. I was going to brag and say I've had this one pair of sunglasses for 3 months now...but I broke them today. If you have my kind of luck, you probably don't want to invest $20 or more for a pair of shades! I usually opt for cheap sunglasses and buy several pairs.

A great option I've found (besides Dollar Tree) is Forever 21! They have super cute glasses for under $6.  LOVE IT!
These are only $1.80! I love the color - so summer - and the aviator style looks good on just about everyone!

Forever 21 Women's F0039 Butterfly Sunglasses: Black: One Size
$3.50 - Basic, black sunglasses. The frames are stylish and make the look a little less boring.

$5.80 and super cute! So catty. :) Fierce!

$5.80 - These have a cool shape. They're black/brown - go with any outfit. 

These are just a few options! They have many, many more on their website and in stores. :)

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