Thursday, July 5, 2012

Favorite Women's Clothing Store: Ross Stores

My favorite store? For clothes, it's Ross! No tie.

Ross Stores is the best place to find women's clothes. They have all sizes. They have a great selection of dresses as well as tops.

Most of my dresses from Ross Stores cost $14.99 or under. No, not kidding! They carry more expensive things too (but let's face it, I'm cheap!).

I usually check out the clearance racks first, then browse through Juniors and Womens. They have formal wear, casual wear and work attire. Color selection is good too. I can usually find an item I like in a few different colors.

In my area, there are also Marshalls and T.J.Maxx stores. They're cool too, but not the best, in my opinion. Their prices are higher! Still worth a try. They are similar in nature.

I am in no way paid or compensated to endorse Ross Stores. I just love them - it's true! 

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